Tabs & Accordions for Gutenberg


$ 0 forever
  • Gutenberg-native
  • Add any type of Block as your content (not just HTML/text)
  • Designed with accessibility in mind
  • 1000+ active installations according to
  • Live Preview in the editor makes it easy and intuitive to make changes to the content.
  • Easily switch between Layouts: Horizontal Tabs, Vertical Tabs
    and Accordion
  • Global Settings page allows you to set your own site-wide defaults for any of the settings, such as Layout and Theme
  • HTML support for the tab labels and accordion headers
  • Easily reorder tabs / accordion items
  • Supports multiple tab blocks per page
  • Theming: Comes with three built-in themes to help you get started: Basic, Tabby, and Minimal. Inherits colors from core WordPress themes and Elementor.
  • Theming: Customize the tab/accordion block's theme to your liking by using the Customizer to generate CSS (see demo page)
  • Anchor tag support: ability to link to individual tabs using anchor tags
  • Supports browser navigation via Back/Next
  • Responsive design: Tabs automatically collapse to an accordion on smaller screens.
  • Unopinionated CSS with options for minimal or even no plugin-provided CSS (so you can supply your own styling)


$ 29
/ 6 months
  • All the features from Free and much more:
  • Theming: Custom/None "theme" to remove the built-in styles, making it easier to supply all your own styling via custom CSS
  • Tabs: Set the tab to show initially via the "Initially Active Tab" option
  • Accordions: Allow more than one accordion item open at a time by unchecking "Auto Close Accordion Items"
  • Accordions: Specify the heading level via the "Accordion Heading Level" option
  • Accordions: Specify force an accordion item to be expanded initially via the "Open Initially" option

Welcome to Plethora Plugins!

We just launched our first publicly available plugin, Plethora Tabs + Accordions for Gutenberg

Plethora Plugins is brought to you by Plethora Design, our web design company. We have made many hundreds of websites since 2003, and also create custom plugins for many of our customers.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, plugin ideas, or customization requests!